Out of the Blue by Jason June Review

Title: Out of the Blue
Author: Jason June
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publishing date: 31st May 2022
Rating: 4/5 stars

Crest is not excited to be on their Journey: the monthlong sojourn on land all teen merfolk must undergo. The rules are simple: Help a human within one moon cycle and return to Pacifica to become an Elder–or fail and remain stuck on land forever. Crest is eager to get their Journey over and done with: after all, humans are disgusting. They’ve pollluted the planet so much that there’s a floating island of trash that’s literally the size of a country.

In Los Angeles with a human body and a new name, Crest meets Sean, a human lifeguard whose boyfriend has recently dumped him. Crest agrees to help Sean make his ex jealous and win him back. But as the two spend more time together and Crest’s pespective on humans begins to change, they’ll soon be torn between two worlds. And fake dating just might lead to real feelings…

This sophomore novel from Jason June dives into the many definitions of the world home and shows how love can help us find the truest versions of ourselves.

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My thoughts: Out of the Blue is an incredibly cute, queer read perfect for summer! And there’s mermaids! This story follows Crest, a mer, on their Journey to help a human within one month or risk being stuck on land forever. Crest, who is not the biggest fan of humans, wants to get their Journey over and done with as soon as possible and get back to the water.

They meet Sean, a lifeguard who has just broken up with his boyfriend and wants to make him jealous. Crest agrees to help him out and win Sean’s ex back (queue the fake-dating trope).

I really loved this book, especially the dual POVs. Crest and Sean are amazing characters and are so cute together! I felt like they really balanced each other perfectly. I like how Crest’s opinions of humans changed throughout the course of the story as they got to know Sean more.

One thing that did frustrate me a little was the lack of communication between the characters. But as they are teenagers, I could understand why it happened. However, their faults made them seem more real to me (which I really enjoyed).

Hope you all enjoyed my review! This book was super cute. Would definitely recommend! Happy reading x

About the Author

You’ve come here wondering, “What is the meaning of life?” Er, I mean, Jason June’s life. Jason June (it’s a two-name first name, like Mary-Kate without the hyphen or the Olsen twin) is a genderqueer writer mermaid who loves to create picture books that mix the flamboyantly whacky with the slightly dark, and young adult contemporary rom-coms full of love and lust and hijinks. When not writing, JJ zips about Austin, Texas. He loves dinosaurs, unicorns, Pomeranians, and anything magical that takes you to a different world or time. JJ is a tried and true Laura Dern stan, and he is actively looking for an Andalite friend. His picture books include WHOBERT WHOVER, OWL DETECTIVE, illustrated by Jess Pauwels, and PORCUPINE CUPID, a queer-inclusive Valentine’s Day story, illustrated by Lori Richmond, both from
Margaret K. McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster. For under-the-sea whimsical adventures, check out the MERMICORN ISLAND chapter book series from Scholastic! And get ready for JAY’S GAY AGENDA, Jason June’s debut YA, queer rom-com, coming June 1, 2021 from HarperTeen!

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