Dragon by Midnight by Karen Kincy Review

Title: Dragon by Midnight
Author: Karen Kincy
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publishing date: 1st December 2021
Rating: 3/5 stars

When the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella turns into a dragon.
Her dream twisted into a nightmare, she flees from the ball into the wilderness. Cinderella’s only hope? Sikandar, a sorcerer banished from a faraway land, who promises to break the dragon curse. Even at her most beastly, he finds beauty within her. But he’s hiding his own dark past, and saving Cinderella might be his last chance of redemption. Together, Cinderella and Sikandar must untangle dangerous secrets and deadly magic before happily ever after is forever out of reach. Dragon by Midnight features sweet romance, twists on fairytales, an obsession with breakfast, and a cinnamon roll hero who’s too good to be bad.

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My thoughts: Dragon by Midnight is a fun, fast-paced, romantic Cinderella retelling with elements of Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin thrown in. This story sends us straight into the thick of the action by beginning during the ball at midnight.

When the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella suddenly transforms into a dragon and the Prince and a sorcerer named Sikandar are tasked with hunting her down. Only Sikandar can save her from the curse and turn her back into a girl.

My favourite character definitely has to be Sikandar! His evil sorcerer act was exactly that, an act. He is the sweetest boy ever, and definitely 100% a cinnamon roll! He’s also really mature and gave off the impression that he’s much older than he really is.

Cinderella’s character was very naive and a bit all over the place. Her relationship with Sikandar was quite mixed to be honest. And there were many points in the story that were easy to predict unfortunately…

Hope you all enjoyed my review! I really enjoyed reading this one! Bye guys, happy reading! x

About the Author

Karen Kincy writes books when she isn’t writing code. She has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College, and an MS in Computational Linguistics from the University of Washington.

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