These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy Review

Title: These Feathered Flames
Author: Alexandra Overy
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publishing date: 20th April 2021
Rating: 4/5 stars

A queer retelling of “The Firebird,” a Russian folktale.

When twin heirs are born in Tourin, their fates are decided at a young age. While Izaveta remained at court to learn the skills she’d need as the future queen, Asya was taken away to train with her aunt, the mysterious Firebird, who ensured magic remained balanced in the realm. But before Asya’s training is completed, the ancient power blooms inside her, which can mean only one thing: the queen is dead, and a new ruler must be crowned. As the princesses come to understand everything their roles entail, they’ll discover who they can trust, who they can love—and who killed their mother.

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My thoughts:
These Feathered Flames is an incredibly well written retelling of the Russian folktale ‘Firebird’. It is full of action, betrayal, strong female characters and intense world building. Theres also a f/f enemies to lovers thrown in there, and I’m all here for that (you all know my love for enemies to lovers) 😉

This story follows twin Princesses Asya and Izaveta after the tragic death of their mother, the Queen. Izaveta remained at court to be raised by a master manipulator and learn the ways of being Queen, while her sister Asya was taken away and raised by her aunt, the Firebird, who ensures that magic remains balanced in the realm.

I love the relationship between the two sisters. Their unquestionable love for each other is what drives them and is the main factor for certain decisions they make. The fact that despite being twin sisters, they are supposed to leave that aside and just focus on being a Firebird and a future Queen, but the bond there is so strong they put those things to one side.

This book ends on such an amazing cliffhanger and sets up the next book perfectly! I’m not the biggest fan of cliffhangers but WOW 😍 And the plot twists were *chefs kiss*. I need the next book pronto! How am I going to survive until next year

Hope you all enjoyed my review! ❤️ I really enjoyed reading this one! Have you guys read These Feathered Flames? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Bye guys, happy reading! x

About the Author

Alexandra grew up in London and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her undergraduate degree in history at UCLA. She then went on to compete her MFA in screenwriting also at UCLA, and stuck around for the weather and great ice cream. She loves writing in all formats, from novels to screenplays to graphic novels, always centring on fierce women and morally grey characters, often with a bit of magic and murder. When she’s not writing, she can be found baking, fangirling over her favourite books, or cuddling her kittens.

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  1. This was a fantastic review and I knew my gut instinct was right to add this to my TBR. I hope I can pick it up soon because you’ve made it sound so good, I can’t wait. So glad you enjoyed it and I loved reading your thoughts!

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