Blog Tour: Catalyst by Tracy Richardson Review

Title: Catalyst
Author: Tracy Richardson
Pages: 295
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing
Published: 2nd June 2020
Rating: 4/5 stars

*spoiler warning*

Marcie Horton has a sixth sense. Not in the “I see dead people” way, but . . . well, maybe a little. She feels a sort of knowing about certain things that can’t be explained-an intuition that goes beyond the normal. Then there was that one summer four years ago, when she connected with a long-departed spirit . . . But nothing that incredible has happened to Marcie since. This summer, Marcie is spending time working at Angel Mounds, the archeological dig her mother heads, along with her brother, Eric, and his girlfriend, Renee. The dig is the site of an ancient indigenous civilization, and things immediately shift into the paranormal when Marcie and her teammates meet Lorraine and Zeke. The two mysterious dig assistants reveal their abilities to access the Universal Energy Field with their minds-something Marcie knows only vaguely that her brother has also had experience with. Marcie learns how our planet will disintegrate if action is not taken, and she and her team must decide if they are brave enough to help Lorraine and Zeke in their plan to save Mother Earth, her resources, and her history. It looks like the summer just got a lot more interesting.

Thank you so much to Dave(@The_WriteReads) for sending me a copy to review for this Ultimate Blog Tour!

My thoughts:
Catalyst follows Marcie and the events that take place during her 6 weeks at the archeological dig site her mother heads. Joined by her brother, Eric, and his girlfriend, Renee, they meet a peculiar pair of graduate students at the dig site, Zeke and Lorraine.

I found this book very fast-paced in the beginning, and a lot of information is thrown at you in the first few chapters. However, that being said, I really enjoyed this story! There were a lot of interesting characters that I enjoyed getting to know, even though some of them drove me a little crazy sometimes haha! Looking at you, Leo and Renee! 😂

Even though this is a Science Fiction/Fantasy, it had some real-world problems that are occurring right now in relation to climate change and the effect we have on the planet. It goes in depth into fracking and the negative effects it has on water supplies.

I found Lorraine and Zeke to be really interesting characters (even if they are a little weird), but also so vague about this mission they have given Marcie to save the world. I felt so bad for Marcie when she was struggling to figure everything out herself and trying to get Leo to come around.

Hope you all enjoyed my review 😀 I can’t wait for the next one! Have you guys read Catalyst? Will you be picking it up? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments 😀 Bye guys, happy reading! x

About the Author

Tracy Richardson lives in Indianapolis and spends her free time reading – almost any genre, cooking, dancing and making things – usually from yarn or fabric.


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