The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White Review

Title: The Chaos of Stars
Author: Kiersten White
Pages: 276
Publisher: HarperTeen
Published: 10th Sep 2013
Rating: 2/5 stars

*spoiler warning*

The Chaos of Stars follows Isadora, the human daughter of the immortal Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris – and her entire family is seriously screwed up. When her mother drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant, Isadora is not happy. Her mother has a baby every 20 years, however Isadora is only 16 and this baby is coming a few years early. Feeling like she’s being replaced, Isadora decides to leave for a while and goes to stay with her brother Sirius in San Diego. There she finds a job at a local museum where she is surrounded by her own family’s artifacts. She can’t escape them, even on the other side of the world. While in San Diego, Isadora meets Tyler, an upbeat, loud, awkward girl who becomes her best friend, Tyler’s boyfriend Scott and a strange boy named Ry, who seems to capture Isadora’s attention. However there is a darkness surrounding her family and both Isadora and her mother are having dreams of the darkness destroying their family. Worried for her daughter’s safety, Isis begs her daughter to return home, but Isadora is not going anywhere until she finishes her task of completing an interior design for an upcoming gala in the museum, showcasing her own family’s history and artifacts. On the night of the gala she is attacked by her half-brother Anubis. Fearing for her mothers’ safety, she returns to her home in Egypt to fight the evil that’s been threatening to destroy her family.

My thoughts:
Based on the book’s description, I thought this was going to be an epic fantasy book about Egyptian mythology but I hate to say that I was very disappointed. It’s not often that I don’t enjoy a book, but this one just couldn’t hold my interest. I felt like it ended very quickly, with no time to really explain what was going on. After Isadora’s aunt was found to be the one attempting to hurt her family, none of the characters except Isadora cared at all and let her go about like nothing happened. I thought it was really strange and it didn’t make a lot of sense.

What I liked:
> It is a funny story with a hint of darkness looming behind the scenes. Trying to figure out what her dreams mean and who is trying to hurt her family was interesting.
> I found it so funny when Tyler kept trying to set Isadora up with Ry. She was so obvious all the time. Hilarious!
> I liked how Isadora became who she was in the end and didn’t stay the person everyone thought she had to be.

What I didn’t like:
> Based on the synopsis of the book, I expected The Chaos of Stars to have more of a focus on Egyptian gods and mythology. I was wrong. I didn’t engage with the storyline at all. I hate to say I found most of it boring to be honest. There wasn’t any depth to the characters, the world or the story. I found that I didn’t really care much.
> I found Isadora to be kind of annoying and whiny most of the time. It was very hard to like her. She doesn’t open herself up to anyone and when she starts to have feelings for Ry, she pushes him away and tells him she thinks love is like cancer.
> The build up to who was involved in all the lies and scheming was a bit of a let down and it ended very abruptly. All the conflict happens in the last couple of chapters. Before that, it’s just boring.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of The Chaos of Stars. Bye guys, happy reading! xx

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