Illumicrate Unboxing – July 2019

This month’s Illumicrate box was ‘It’s A Kind Of Magic’. Yes please! Inside the box was all things magical and witchy. Is witchy even a word? Who cares? Haha πŸ˜€ I’m already looking forward to Halloween and getting into the spooky read included this month. The box was full of so many amazing bookish things including an enamel pin from Fable & Black inspired by A Discovery of Witches!! :O

This gorgeous ceramic book pot is going to be perfect for all the spare pens I have lying around (and wands) haha πŸ˜€
Absolutely love this design by ChattyNora on etsy.

This is the second half of two bookends Illumicrate has included in their boxes. The first half was included in their June ‘For Book Lovers’ box.
The two bookends represent Fantasy v Reality with this month’s being fantasy themed. I love the details featured on the bookend, the cauldron and witches hat are my fav. This gorgeous bookend was designed by Fable & Black.

This Witchlands pin banner was designed by Hey Atlas and features the symbols of the six elemental magics. I have so many of these now haha πŸ˜€ Love it!

This pin is so beautiful! It features a quote spoken by the most fabulous witch herself Diana Bishop: “Magic is Desire Made Real” from A Discovery
of Witches
. Love this design by Fable & Black.

This Uprooted inspired tote bag featuring Agnieszka and The Dragon was designed by Em Allen on Instagram. It is so pretty. I’ll have to go book shopping soon with this πŸ˜€

The collectable coin included for July 2019.

Art print designed by Nicole Deal on Instagram. This gorgeous print features the three main characters from Wicked Saints.

Letter from the author V. V James. Gorgeous border ❀

Illumicrate’s book of the month for July was Sanctuary by V. V James. This book sounds so good! I don’t read many mystery type books but this one definitely has me excited. Especially because it includes witches πŸ˜€ Sanctuary follows Detective Maggie Knight and her investigation of the death of the town’s star quaterback. His ex-girlfriend, who was there when he died, happens to be the daughter of a witch and rumors quickly begin to spread. It’s Maggie’s job to keep the town and the investigation from spiraling out of her control and solve the case. This beautiful edition of Sanctuary features emerald green sprayed edges and is signed by the author. Bye guys, happy reading! xx


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