Illumicrate Spin the Dawn Debut box

This debut box of Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim is amazing! I was so excited when I found out Illumicrate was doing this. This is the second debut box they have done and it includes a hardback copy of Spin the Dawn, an enamel pin, a wooden bookmark, a letter from the author and a signed bookplate. This box was created with input from Elizabeth Lim on the designs. So happy with it 😀 There are still more boxes available but make sure you get it asap as they won’t last long.

An absolutely beautiful enamel pin designed by Iron and Ink Designs. The pin features a scissors wrapped in a piece of blue and purple cloth with the quote: “Seize the Wind.” from Spin the Dawn. I’m building up quite the collection of bookish pins and I love it! More pins please!!

A gorgeous woodmark designed by ChattyNora on etsy. I’m building up quite a collection of these too haha. I love this one! The woodmark perfectly transitions from night to day, changing from dark to light blue in an ombre effect. It also features the quote: “All legends have a spark of truth.” from Spin the Dawn.

A letter from the author, Elizabeth Lim and a signed bookplate.

Spin the Dawn follows Maia Tamarin, a young seamstress who dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the kingdom. When the royal court summons her ill father to the Summer Palace, she goes in his place, disguising herself as a boy. As a challenge, she must create three magical dresses incorporating the sun, the moon and the stars if she wants the job of becoming the imperial tailor. However, she will be competing with eleven others and the competition is deadly. Her job is complicated even further when she gains the attention of Edan, the court enchanter, who appears to see right through her disguise. If her secret is discovered, it will not end well for her or her family. This is the competition of a lifetime and she is determined not to lose.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to try Illumicrate for a while now. Spin the Dawn sounds like such a good read. The bookmark though… ❤ I adore collecting these, so it would make Illumicrate worth it for just them alone 🙂

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